Updated September 17 2016

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VIN Check & Decoder sites for those researching a used motorcycle.

There is no single VIN check or vehicle reporting service that will have information on every bike out there. Every service is limited to the data that has been reported to it. Even a large, national reporting service like CarFax or the NICB will not have information on every stolen or wrecked bike. Check out this article by Consumer Reports. Sites advertising motorcycle VIN checks can often be a ripoff or their database may be so limited or out-dated the report is effectively pointless. Buyer beware when it comes to paying for a "VIN Check" report from a random internet-based company.

Unfortunately, there is no one-stop source where you can find a comprehensive listing of every stolen motorcycle VIN across North America. And bikes are stolen, parted, and sold so quickly it would be difficult for any one agency or company to have complete, up-to-date data.

Try to look up your VIN on every site you can, but your most reliable option is always checking the VIN and engine number with your local police or DMV.

Sites where you can register your stolen motorcycle.

So your bike is gone. You contacted the police and your insurance company, but now what? Now you let the rest of the country know your bike is missing. Enter your bike's info (VIN, engine number, etc) into all of the the sites listed below that are relavent to your region.

* Make sure the info you enter is 100% correct. Entering your VIN in a registry is not going to help anyone if you put in the wrong characters or mistake a 0 (zero) for an O (letter O).

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